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Provoke Not Your Children: How to Escape the Emotional Trap of a Narcissistic Mother

Dr. Carol Provo

Book - This self-help book walks the reader through a detailed account of how abusive, controlling, manipulative, and personality-disordered individuals weave a web of deception to groom and entangle their victims in unhealthy and chaotic relationships. It also discusses the long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on their victims, whether they are minors or adults. Finally, the book also includes some of Dr. Provo’s real-life therapeutic cases, strategies for survival, and a plan for getting help. The self-help book is written for ALL interested individuals, including adults and supervised adolescents, mental health counselors, life coaches, therapists, and other mental health professionals. It would also be a great asset to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in psychology, sociology, social work, forensic, and behavioral science programs for a peek into the personality-disordered mind.

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Provoke Not Your Children: The Workbook

Dr. Carol Provo

Workbook - The companion workbook is a therapeutic guide for therapists, mental health counselors, and life coaches working with victims and survivors of parental abuse, intimate partner abuse, and/or any kind of relationship involving controlling and manipulative behavior. This workbook contains 11 Modules, which when used along with the self-help book, can enhance the work with clients in individual counseling, social skills groups, domestic violence groups, and/or addiction prevention groups who are learning how to build new and healthy relationships.


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