“For many, change can be anxiety-provoking. However, any level of success requires just that - the ability to grow and move beyond your comfort zones. This change may be clinical, such as the removal of psychological barriers to success; Or, it may be professional, such as the courage to want more for yourself and act on it.” – Dr. Provo

CAROL E. PROVO is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.), Licensed Life Coach, University Professor, and Author. She has had a successful career in public service, including work in various government agencies and in private practice working with adolescents, adults, and families, as well as providing community services and mental health counseling. Dr. Provo also holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree and has spent nearly 15 years in government service as an analyst working for two Mayors and as an Executive Team Member implementing strategic plans for the California State Department of Mental Health. She is currently an adjunct professor with the California State University system, where for 19 years, she has taught Strategic Planning and Applied Statistics in both Criminal Justice and Public Administration, as well as many other public policy courses.

Dr. Provo’s upcoming publications include two books coming this Summer (2021) and are as follows:

A self-help book, entitled, Provoke Not Your Children: How to Escape the Emotional Trap of a Narcissistic Mother, walks the reader through a detailed account of how abusive, controlling, manipulative, and personality-disordered individuals weave a web of deception to groom and entangle their victims in unhealthy and chaotic relationships. It also discusses the long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on their victims, whether they are minors or adults. Finally, the book also includes some of Dr. Provo’s real-life therapeutic cases, strategies for survival, and a plan for getting help. The self-help book is written for ALL interested individuals, including adults and supervised adolescents, mental health counselors, life coaches, therapists, and other mental health professionals. It would also be a great asset to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in psychology, sociology, social work, forensic, and behavioral science programs for a peek into the personality-disordered mind. To order this book, please go to: Also available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The companion workbook is entitled, Provoke Not Your Children: The Workbook is a therapeutic guide for therapists, mental health counselors, and life coaches, who are working with victims and survivors of parental abuse and/or any kind of relationship that involved psychological manipulation. This workbook contains 11 Modules, which when used along with the self-help book, can enhance the work with clients in individual counseling, social skills groups, domestic violence groups, and/or addiction prevention groups who are learning how to build new and healthy relationships. To order this workbook to:

How do you heal years of being in a dysfunctional relationship?

I train life coaches and therapists who work with victims and survivors of relationship abuse and other types of abuse as a result of psychological manipulation.

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