Having specialized in mindful awareness, problem solving, and solution-focused techniques to remove emotional and psychological barriers to success, I now train therapists, counselors, and mental health life coaches to deal with clients suffering from psychological manipulation and emotional abuse. Learn more by reading my self-help book and workbook, Provoke Not Your Children.

How Do You Heal The Emotional Hurts Suffered from an Abusive Relationship?

As I answer this question, let’s first get a clear definition of what I mean by ABUSE: as it pertains to child abuse, domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, spousal abuse, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or any other kind of unhealthy familial or relational exploitation and mistreatment, it usually comes down to one simple phrase - a MISUSE OF POWER. Moreover, there is usually a perceived “power differential” between the perpetrator and the victim in the eyes of the offender. Therefore, one individual is purposely taking advantage of another who is perceived as weaker.

With that said, there is a way to take your power back!! It is not only possible to heal, but you can also flourish and go on to live an amazing life. And, in the best of circumstances, you can help others who have been emotionally injured as you may have been. My self-help, Provoke Not Your Children, takes the reader through the step-by-step process of a manipulative narcissistic personality, from the grooming and testing behaviors of the manipulator to the healing of the survivor. Watch the interview below to get a sample of what you can expect.

Do you, your friends, family, co-workers or clients suffer deeply from trauma and don’t understand why?

Dr. Carol Provo helps individuals begin to understand what happened to them so that they can begin the healing process and enjoy a life free of pain as they transition to a life that flourishes.

Narcissism Revealed – Podcast Series

The purpose of this podcast series is to EXPOSE the behaviors, tricks and games of abusive, controlling, manipulative, and personality-disordered individuals that we may come in contact with. You can find these disturbed people in families, at work, at church, and on dating sites, and really almost anywhere. This is critical because the “perfect” persona of the narcissist is always on display in public, while the damage they create is usually behind closed doors, in secret, and hidden in plain sight, as explained in my self-help book, Provoke Not Your Children. In each episode, my guests will tell their stories, and many of these stories will be heartbreaking, but you will also see great courage, strength, and resilience.

You will also notice that their identities will remain hidden for confidentiality and privacy reasons. This discretion is because many of them are still struggling with these toxic relationships. You will hear that some of them, even after many years, are still trying to find a way to escape or manage the chaotic, narcissistic person in their lives. Let’s listen and become more informed. Tune in to Narcissism Revealed with Dr. Provo.

What Clients and Professionals Are Saying

  • “While taking Dr. Provo’s class, my mother became ill. I was trying hard to focus on school but my heart could not bear the weight. Dr. Provo noticed the change and offered any help I might need to get through the course as well as offered to be an additional support system. Shortly after the course ended, my Mother passed away. Dr. Provo continued to reach out to me and check on me and still does to this date. That said a lot about her character and I am so thankful to have met her. Because of her support, I was able to graduate and I am now in a graduate program.”


  • “With Dr. Provo’s professional coaching, I graduated with my MPA. I currently work for the Department of Veterans Affairs and can confidently say many lessons that Dr. Provo taught me are applicable in the public sector. Dr. Provo helped me with my own professional self-awareness, she pushed me think critically when problem solving and she instilled in me the principle of meeting deadlines with quality work.”


  • “Dr. Provo consulted with me on starting my nonprofit organization (NPO). She guided me step-by-step through the process of filing the appropriate documents with the State and IRS. From our discussions, she wrote my strategic business plan for NPO's, including creating a start-up budget, the development of bylaws and articles of incorporation, and electing a board of directors. I now have my 501(c)3 status and we are on our way. Her attention to detail is outstanding and her professionalism and work ethic are impressive."


  • “Without a shadow of a doubt, Dr. Provo genuinely receives fulfillment through making other people better, at everything in life. She helped me discover my strengths and face my weaknesses, so that I could improve myself and accomplish my dreams."

    RANDY G.

  • “Dr. Provo’s firsthand experience in the public sector benefits students in ways that cannot be measured; she is equipped with tools that are unrivaled and most importantly she brings passion and integrity when helping us lay our foundation of principles as public administrators."


  • "She is kind and sensitive to the needs of her clients and student alike, as well as caring and considerate. She is passionate in her work with those who are hurting. She instills great confidence in those who have needed her help. When you meet with her, you never leave her presence unchanged."


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